WP Snowball 2 Affiliate Program

Make $44.62 - $503.24 per sale

Here's how it works...

Click here to signup with Avangate (free). You can then get your promo link and start earning commissions.

The step-by-step guide

If you want some suggestions for what to do now, try this...
  1. Signup with Avangate
  2. Get your affiliate link for the plugin you want to promote
  3. Add a banner to your website
  4. Email your list letting them know about the plugin
  5. Post a review post on your blog

Advanced Promotion

If you're interested in promoting WP Snowball 2 further, here's what I can do for you... If you've got a different proposal, please shoot me an email.

A Few Rules

To keep things fair and above board, there are a few points I'd appreciate if you'd read...
  1. Please don't use the "Is PRODUCT_NAME a scam?" (and similar) angles. It degrades the perception of the product, and there are plenty of other angles
  2. Apart from the above, use whatever keywords you like
  3. Don't blast out emails to non-optin lists
  4. Commissions won't be paid if you buy through your own affiliate link

    Link Generator

    Avangate has a link generator, but I've made one that's easier to use and gives cleaner URLs.

    Marketing Resources

    Here's a banner for WP Snowball 2, feel free to hotlink. There'll be more recources available soon. (if you need any specific sizes - let me know)